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7 Steps to Happiness

  • Sunday 27th May

  • 3:00 pm - 4:30 pm

Ways to Enjoy Life More

One thing we do know is that we all want to be happy on life’s journey, and we all like the idea of the ‘happy ever after’ ending to our story. To acknowledge this is the first step, then to explore what happiness is, and what it means to you.

Consider the following questions:

Q: What is Happiness?
Q: What makes you Happy?
Q: How do you feel when you are Happy?
Q: Where is Happiness?
Q: What are the steps to be happy all the time?

Join us for an exploration of the answers, discover the 7 steps to happiness, and find some practical ways to experience more happiness in life.

Guest Speaker: Matthew Earl

Matthew (Earl) is a science graduate and former ‘spiritual sceptic’. An interest in self-development led him to explore meditation, and he began teaching to pass on insights and techniques that he had used to quietly take all areas of his life to a completely different level. He takes simple & profound methods that work practically, and communicates them to great effect. Now based in London, Matthew teaches Raja Yoga Meditation through courses, talks, and workshops. He is also part of the ‘just-a-minute’ team, a international initiative, which provides tools enabling anyone to easily integrate the benefits of meditation practice into their daily routine.


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